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Your support of us helps us to achieve our goals, implement different ideas, and grow as a small business. Thank you so much for any form of support you give us as we greatly appreciate it.
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Boho Vibes is a business that is Canadian-Owned, Disabled-Owned, Vet-Owned, LGBTQ-Owned and bringing Eco-Friendliness and Diversity to the fashion industry. 
Boho Vibes was created so as to bring diversity to the fashion industry as its creator, Katalina, never saw themselves shown throughout the fashion industry. Boho Vibes has a wide host of diverse ambassadors, influencers, and models; and it will bring even more with the help of its supporters who donate.  We have been so happy to see that there has been so many people who resonate with the message and branding of Boho Vibes! Boho Vibes brings eco-friendliness to the fashion industry as well through the option of having carbon-neutral orders and avoiding many other different efforts so as to bring eco-friendliness to the fashion industry as a whole such as being 99% paperless, avoiding the least sustainable fabrics and materials for clothing, and using mainly recyclable materials for shipping. With the support of our donors, we will be doing the following: 
  • Bringing more diversity to Boho Vibes through carrying more diverse influencers, ambassadors and models
  • Bringing sustainable packaging that is eco-friendly and bio-degradable
  • Bringing more eco-friendly and sustainable clothing and accessories to Boho Vibes 
  • Bringing fulfillment to Boho Vibes goals and aspirations as a brand so it’s not held back and only able to go forwards 
With the help of supporters great change is made and the continued belief in the brand from any person who purchases, donates or supports the brand in anyway is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much and know that your support in any way is deeply valuable to the bringing of Boho Vibes goals to fulfillment.
All money donated goes 100% to help fight hunger, homelessness and Renal research here in canada. 
Thank you so much for your support, – Boho Vibes


At BohoVibes all of our jewelry is handmade in our studio. We love repurposing flatware and coins into unique pieces of jewelry.

We’re always providing the world with new and innovative jewelry designs.

Thank you for stopping by, happy shopping!


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